Friday, March 16, 2012

No internet syndrome.

I'm blogging because im having the no internet syndrome.
Uni line is alreadyyy super slow thus having them to actually cut the LAN line due to some unknown issues was pretty devastating. The line is already that slow.. And having them to cut it omg. Kaboom.

And being my normal "dory" self (memory phail) i forgotten to pay my Maxis bill and that leaves me internet-less. Ipad = pad (i=internet geddit? Alright forget bout it)
My no internet syndrome kicks in making me feel as though i have tonnes of internet related work to do. Wtf. Eg. Researching for assignment and blogging!

Yeap scumbag brain. When i have internet, the first place i surf was the server to get my latest dose of tv series and all the other non productive stuff that i can do. Wtf.

Anyways tonnes of pics are pilling up to my nose waiting to be uploaded.
I really need to blog all of my misadventures and all the other stuff that is happening. It's a great way of keeping them in my memory since my memory is comparable to dory's. So yeah.

For now, random ipad snipsnaps.

Obviously it wasnt me who drew the fuck yea face, my drawing skills are close to a 3 yr old. wtf.
My roomie drew it for me. We both have our own motivation sign thingy.

Charity Bazaar grabs! Super cute fabric MEOWs.

Pizza @ Dome.

i brought a sandwhich maker to uni

that could also fry eggs and go a lot of amazing things.
im coming up with all sorts of sandwich maker menu.

i look like some ghost holding cup noodles

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damn random post,

Ames said...

u can always dun read #justsaying