Friday, February 24, 2012

Members' day shopping

I always consider myself 95% of a smart shopper. The other 5% would most likely be the factor that makes impulsive purchases. My mom, sisters and I are all using Clinique and we always shop when there is some sort of members' day eg. Parkson Member's Day. Basically we will get Cash vouchers depending on the amount we bought and also lovely gift sets! I love gift sets.. Loads of miniature perfect for travel use! So what we do is, before members' day, we will pick out the items that we want just like normal shopping, then have the salesperson pack all and we'll pick it up n pay on the day.
I had my fair share of picking out items at different counters and have them reserved for member's day. I'm looking forward to picking them up! Hohoho. Although i din bring anything home, i felt as though i have bought them alreadyyy. Wtf.
Oh look! I found the cutest mascara everrr!

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