Monday, June 1, 2009


**UPDATES: Anyway peeps..apart from the reluntant-ness of me goin to penang..
I'm also worried that USM might make a mistake again..cause i have only 2 choices filled up instead of the usual 8.

From that last post of mine,
you can see after mere hours of battling with myself
i have come to a conclusion that is to accept the offer.

(If you guys have been reading the papers n all, you guys would know what happened)

At 6.00pm 30th May 09,
I recieved an incoming sms saying "Tahniah anda telah ditawarkan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Polimer ...."
If you're observant enough, you shud be able to see from the pic below is "Kejuruteraan Kimia" (chemical engineering)

How could you do this to me?
I was devastated.
Ok no.
I am indeed devastated even till now.

Back to the story, so i logged onto the USM webpage to check again,
BAM! i saw..
Kejuruteraan Polimer.
I'm like whattt??!!
I dun think i'm that blind ya know.
Although i do have slight..erm.. eyeprob.
(*i'm blind without lenses/glasses)
Soon i realize i wasnt the only one.
Many were hit by this huge "tsunami".
In my case, my first choice were dropped to the 2nd one.
But for some, the do not get any offer when they check for the 2nd time.
Then USM's phone line were starting to get really busy.
I heard many lodge complains and stuff.
I wanted to but i'm working.
Maybe i could role play a concern parent perhaps?

Anyway thanks guys for all your comments.
I really dun know how to reply as i am in admist of all these.
Finally settle myself down.
Quit my job.
And i dun really have much time to think.
what do i do?
i just bang on the wall.
so yeah.


Lainey said...

If I were in your shoes, I would complain and complain and complain and complain until they give you first choice... besides, you did accept when it gave you your first choice right? If that was the case, it's like already accepting a contract. They can't just change it! Grrr darn those idiots behind the computers.

Zwei said...

I was afraid that it would affect you when I heard the news. Jen Yie was one of the lucky ones to not get affected. I am sorry Amy. >.< Well, do try complaining and see what they say. They might only action if you complain, if you don't, they won't care at all. That's how Malaysians are. Try fight for it.
Btw, technical problem is really a lame excuse.

Ames said...

Lainey: If you read the newspapers in Msia you would know what happened.They actually have created a big mess and claimed that it's technical

Szewei: Well i will fight for it. Maybe go appeal or something? i'm not sure.

Lainey said...

sigh like i said before... darn those idiots behind the computers.

Ames said...

lainey: yes! i there's nothing i could to except to file complains/appeal

Zwei said...

Yup, go appeal! Whether it will fail or succeed, at least you know you have done your best to get it.

Ames said...

szewei: yeah..i thought so... grrr..btw you know how to write one??