Monday, July 13, 2009

Connection Epic Fail.

Altho it's free.
It doesnt have to be that slow.
Dahlah cannot go youtube, blog kena blocked, chatbox also kena block.

I think i might have to delete my cbox.
Cause it is useless.
Not loading
Not responding
Kena block
I really wanna reply comments
but i cant seem to load mycbox.
So pls pls put watever you want to say down below at the tickles section.

Since connection epic fail
and my schedule for today jam packed like sardines.
I couldnt update bout my trip to the island on the weekends.
guess i'll have to wait till tomorrow.


ainee si ketua pari2 said...

wahh wahh tickels tickels..
kesian my darl but ur chabox stoll ada lorhh sayang..

hows ur day at campus??
tell me larr

Ames said...

u guys can see..but i cant =(...
i'll update soon..
actually it was quite if you put aside the sun and walking factor lol