Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blogging + Maggi + blasting music

Mom probably freaking out now cause
Maggi and i are new BFFs.

Anyways the connection sucks these days
(probably mad at me cause i said "goodbye streamyx and hello lousy WIFI")
hmmph. small gas.

It's been 2 days since i've returned to uni,
and i started to feel that the H1N1 buzz isn't over,
I noticed a lot fell sick.
I have to restock my Vitamin C supply in order to keep me away from sickness.
Mom called and asked how was i feeling
and wants me to eat more Watermelon (my cure to all sickness)
i guess she felt really bad after feeding me durians twice during my 1 week break.

Brought mom to Queensbay on wednesday.
Not much picture about the shopping trip cause i was feeling all sulky
I had the BIGGEST dilemma ever.
Let's just say i gave up in the end.

not the shirt i bought.

My friend took this pic and i edited it.
Twilight of USM.

-abrupt end-


ainee si ketua pari2 said...

better take care of urself baby..
nice moon

Ames said...

alrytteee i willl =) hmmm yea pretty nice view here..

Lainey said...

haha abrupt end. :)

btw i love love love your style. gorgeous lady. :))

Ames said...

lainey: thanksss... i saw ur sydney pics.. soo nice =)

Zwei said...

"Blogging + Maggi + Blasting Music"

LOL. That is what I always do too in uni. :P Music will be extra-triple loud when my roomie is not around. Hahha~ Sometimes, it would be "Watching movie/video + Maggi + Legs up on the chair!" XD

Ames said...

lol... I can tell you i'm already am famous in my room for "leg-up-TABLE + blog/online + music" lol

Zwei said...

High Five~! ;D

JenKin Yat said...

the durian looks like some taufu

Ames said...

zwei: i super unglam lo =P hahahaha

yatz: hmmm really meh? where got...