Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seng Kian's Bday celebration 07.08.09

Warning: Very tourissy post ahead.

(if you strongly disapprove ppl being tourissy, i suggest you to skip this post.)

Hi, It's me being adventurous again.
(adventurous daddy's girl)
Why adventurous you wonder?
This is how we get to Gurney Plaza from USM Engineering Campus.
*click to view the map*

1. Taxi ride from Campus to Parit Buntar Bus Station.

2. From there, take a bus ride to Butterworth.

Butterworth Bus Station

3. Next is the *ancient/historic* ferry ride to the Island.

Fees: RM1.20 (to and fro')
Method: Same as in LRT station but this time you insert coins. not tickets.

Random photo for my sis who is very loyal to SHELL.

Overexpose pic.

Bday boy

4. After the ferry ride, we took Rapid Penang(bus) to Gurney Plaza.

5. Got down from the bus and walk for about 5mins? and we're there =)
Keng leh?...

feels like crowning glory moment cause we managed to reach Gurney without getting lost!

Bday celebration continues in A&W =)

Rootbeer float. Yums.
I noticed everything for today is soo old skool.

same scene again*


flaming hot. =)

i forgotten what is it called..flaming seafood platter?!

Grilled Catch of the Day- Dory fish

Salmon my fav

After much celebration we head back to campus.
(Using the same method)
Except that v have some senior nice enuff to fetch us back to campus from Parit Buntar bus stop. =)

View from the ferry

We had a pretty amazing view of the island at night.
Sadly my phone couldnt capture all the amazingness of it..

Anyways we had a realy hardcore and tiring day.
Oh did i mention that we had class from 8-12noon before?


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