Tuesday, August 4, 2009

while we still have good internet connection.

Wanna know what i've been up to lately?
Wanna know how i spent my time during my be-earlied holidays??


I can tell you i'm not like those ppl who hogs on youtube 24-7.
Since i dun have youtube in campus.
I have to hog on youtube when i'm back.
Thinking back when i always complain bout my gay streamyx connection.
Believe it or not, i'm so thankful for the fast connection.
At least pages are load-able.

Dun think that I'm overly obsessed with Shane Dawson.(a bit maybe)
I'm gonna show you some awesome vids i found and some are recommended. =)

*if you have seen any of these. Perhaps you could recommend me more?

Okay for the 1st vid.
I strongly recommend you to turn ur speakers down to the minimum.

This is the original one =)

I have more..
Gosh why did youtube's vid so big arr?

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