Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm in LURVE =)

I'm officially in LURVE =)

Didnt know love could be this cheap =)

See that happy smiley face =)

He found love too =)

Whee =)
Not to mention only RM2.00 =)

Lurve is currently sitting comfortably with my other junk =)

p/s: I'm expressing my randomness after i found LURVE for only RM2.

pp/s: if you find that my pics are's because the zits fell in love with my face.
I'm sure the relationship wont lasts. (hopefully)


yenniedoll said...

I'm addicted to LURVE too. haha..

Zwei said...

Hahaha~! You drew faces on the LURVEs.. Adorable! XD

Ames said...

[yenniedoll]: me too =)

[zwei]: it's soo boxy and adorable that i have to draw faces on it =P

ainee si ketua pari2 said...

so kiut u draw the faces..
ehh y u didnt join the contest??
do visit facebook/lurve..
ehh btol ke?

Ames said...

[ainee] : betul ape?...hmmm wat contest??