Monday, November 1, 2010


Today' weather is rather chilly.
I consider this very good weather as it is 25degree Celsius compared to the usual 30 plus degrees.
Chilly and windy + No (maybe havent) rain.
I wish that it would be like this more often.
So that i could clad in my favourite cardigans, sweaters and jackets.
And i wouldnt have to be in shorts all the time as if there's nothing else in my closet.

a picture of me in a chilly mode
It was drizzling a bit so that explains the hood. for chilly weather
 Korean bbq 

 McShaker fries. 
cause they're really spicy.

Anyways back to the books.
Finals are in less than 1week time. 
Wish me luck!


prince said...

gooodd luck...

JaniceW said...

goodluck too babe!!
i love the chilly mode pic!
smtg new!
love u.. muaxxx
3 weeks time n i will get to see u!

Ames said...

thankss dear.. yesyes i'm excited! let's find new jobs

JaniceW said...

yess.. new jobSS!! i need fund for my travel trips n polaroid!

Ames said...

polaroid RM250 plus 1 film. Color is blue. U interested?..