Friday, April 8, 2011

Polymer x Fashion

This is where polymer meets fashion.

I am a sucker for transparent bags!
Not that i like ppl to peek into my messy bag and the fact that i need to properly hide my intimates ..
But i just love how transparent bags look! 
 I was tempted to stash that black bag away for a moment and get this 

Longchamp Darshan transparent beach tote.
Unfortunately mom does not approve any transparent totes (and garments)

I'm sure mom would approve Furla's SS11 Candy Bag.
They come in semi transparent ones =)
But the only problem is.. it does not fit in any of my budget.



Zwei said...

hahaha..i just saw the Furla candy bag in a fashion blog recently.the pink one is really cute. :D

Ames said...

Yes! It's really cute! yet functional.. cause it's semi transparent. =)