Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day E.A.T

Hellooo i am officially back in Ipoh =D
and i am already sick ..grrrrrrrr
My stomach is not cooperating with me.. it keeps giving me problem
i do not know how to solve it.. so meanwhile.. i have to stay at home until my condition gets better
I am just laying on the bed/sofa onlining or watching tele.
grrr. No good!


It was Mother's Day!
 Remember this ? *click*
Mom demanded for tea this year also. 
Unfortunately everywhere else is fully booked. 
So i suggested One World Hotel (next to 1Utama)

 2 tiers enough to stuff 4 hungry souls.
It costs RM50 per tier. 

 Despite having really good pastries (especially cheesecakes!)
they serve pretty bad coffee n tea. 

 First tier.

 Tier 2

 A mega huge scone at the top with jam and whipped cream (instead of clotted cream?! )

Told ya it was huge!

That's all. 
Good night Internet.

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