Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amy Day =)

"LIKE" button finally working! =D

I signed in bob's fb account to test and see if it's working..
then i forced him to "like" all my posts!
*thick skin*

Surprise Birthday Celebration @ Delicious Straits Quay.

Waiting for "HIS FAMILY" to arrive
The plan was to have dinner with his family.

I was bored and hungry waiting for people to arrive.
Little did i know.. these awesome people were busy preparing for the surprise!

After 30minutes of waiting, my friends sprung out from nowhere holding the cutest (and yummy) cupcakes, pretty helium balloons and foil balloons!
The whole restaurant stared at me as they started singing the birthday song!
My face no do me justice pun cause i was laughing n tearing at the same time =.='

Super Yummy cupcakes!

My LV Bag!

We figured the yellow foil balloon looked like the Bersih Fb badge.
So we decided to take our own profile Bersih badge pic.


 whee balloons =)

Thank you so much for this awesome be-earlied birthday dinner! 

Muaxs *blow kisses*

p/s: Please do not ignore the lonely "Like" Button


eMiLy said...

Happie birthday again. Such a sweet surprise!!
Owh, I love the cupcake v THE LV bag. So cute~ ^^

Zwei said...

oh! i like the last picture! :D

Catherine said...

Hey. Happy birthday again. =)

U look so happy and i love those cupcake-cakes. =DDDDD

Ames said...

Emily: thanks dear! Oh I love my LV bag too! Too bad I couldnt keep it

Zwei: thanks!

Catherine: thanks :)