Friday, July 15, 2011

Love , Beautiful, Broken.

Something interesting i stumbled upon

The first three words i found : Love, Beautiful, Broken.

I would say this is pretty accurate.
(not the beautiful part =.=')

Try it!
Tell me which 3 words you found!
Good Luck =)


HockSiang said...

sad, epic, whore

It is interesting but it is not really accurate i must say...

Zwei said...

bad, broke, happy

LOL. i think the broke part is about money. :P

Ames said...

Hock Siang : Yours the funniest! Lol.. I was laughing out loud when I saw it.. I think this is for entertainment only lol.

Sze Wei : haha must be about money.. Maybe cause ur intern just ended or u might be buying something exp?