Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bon Odori 2011 @ Esplanade Penang

After much hype for years, i finally attended Bon Odori 2011. *wipes sweat*
I've missed quite a few bon odori(s) already!
in Ipoh and Penang (last year).
With hopes to find takoyaki and other good jap food, 
i went straight to penang just to attend the event.

reminds me of janice's orange fringe!

 Default expression

 The best soda drink everrr!
Ok i rarely drink carbonated drinks.
Tastes like spritzer pop but better!
I saw tons of ppl holding the bottle and shaking it frantically cause there's a glass ball inside which gives out a tinging sound when u move the bottle.
i said " eh i wan that drink! everyone holding geh!!"
*kiasu max*


 They even had Paul to promote their takoyaki

 excuse my cannot-make-it fringe

 Sushi king brought their own conveyor belt ! wtf.

 devouring delicious meatballs

 happy shit

 the photographer went parkinson on us.

At the end of the day..
i was pretty disappointed cause they werent much jap. food ..
More like overpriced pasarmalam =(
But the fireworks display were pretty awesome !

Toodles peepos =)


Catherine said...

Looks yummy and fun!!

i love jap food

Zwei said...

the Paul thingy is hilarious! XD

Ames said...

Catherine: me too I love jap food :)

Zwei: yeah! I saw Paul promoting takoyaki lol