Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long and flat

Everytime i saw a long flat insect,
i would give it a second look and go " Is that a charlie??? "
Then i would realize that i am not in campus now! so no charlie. 

"Charlie" better known as Rove beetles are synonymous with USM engineering campus.
People say it's because they live where the oil palms are and our campus is surrounded by loads of oil palm trees.
I took the liberty of googling pictures of these nasty crawlie creatures.
(and i chose the nastiest pic. heh =P )

looking at this gives me goosebumps =.='

They are as tough as cockroaches
(err.. you see i have a thing with cockroaches.. i do not like them.) *refer here*
and they sting like a bee!

 Still not convince about how nasty they are?
Google rove beetle bite/sting.


To wash ur eyes/mind,

my new kicks =D 

mom call them McDonald's shoes btw.
Idk why, cause Ronald wears Red not Rainbow.

one more colourful post coming!
Toodles =)


Zwei said...

OH!! i know that creepy crawly. they are around in my campus too! one was damn big and when it came out crawling, it freaked me out! i hit it with a book many times. i was determined to kill it. LOL.

Ames said...

Wow .. Ur uni too? Better be careful :)