Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jobless *still*

I'm having a 4 months long holidays and i am not working.
*smacks head*
Before holidays i told my mom of my working plans
how to fund my trips and *possible* purchases.

Now 2 months gone,
i am still jobless =.=''

Janice and I were like the 2 non working (aka USELESS) people around.
Ok, so i'm being kiasu. 
I hate that u people are earning and i have zero income
not to mention a depleting bank account!

Tension MAX.

Ppl always ask : How's your holidays?

I would just say "fine" .

So this is what i have been doing for the past 2 months!

1st week - Off to KL right after my finals.
2nd week - Chill in Ipoh 
3rd week - Worked for PC Fair
4th week - Penang to visit the bf.

1st week - Hennessy Artistry on Friday then head off to KL on the next day.
2nd week - Cameron for my Sister's big big day.
3rd week - Pack and prep for HK+macau
4th week - HK + Macau

1st week - Chill in Ipoh
2nd week - Penang for Hennessy Artistry + Mini BFF trip.

Coming plans
3rd week - Bon Odori Penang 

Photos from Mother's Day KL trip.

Parkinson wtf.

i look like i'm wearing lipstick.

 Pretty mom

 my pretty maid of honour dress

Flutter sleeve =)

Gtg nao toodles!

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