Friday, July 15, 2011

Harrods Macarons =)

This was one of my kl trip where i bought nothing but macarons back home.

After reading from SweeLi that Harrods have indeed landed in Malaysia
and they are also selling all these pretty macarons
I decided to make a quick trip to KLCC to grab some

Supposedly we were going to buy some to test waters first before buying more.
  A bunch of ppl came after and swoosh almost 90% away !
Being kiasu lang , of course we walk straight to the counter and grab the rest home.

I'm going loco over colours!

p/s: ok i should sleep early. Those dark circle under my eyes just frightened me!

ok bye


JaniceW Shum said...

so naise!!!!!

Ames said...

and colourful too =)

Catherine said...

HAHAHA. i love your last picture! and why am i not in KL? =(

Ames said...

Not coming back for winter Hols?