Sunday, July 31, 2011

Listen to a woman's opinion rather than a man's.

I'm working for sony *again* for this weekend.
My ladyboss told me i look better with slightly curly hair and a longer fringe.
 But i said ppl(guys n bf) told me that i look better with straight hair
cause i looked rather old/mature with curly hair. 
*fringe part - no arguement*

Kawan love said It's better to listen to a woman's opinion rather than a man's.
You wan the females to look at you rather than the males.
Eg. Megan Fox - she made both guys and girls drool.

But wouldnt the girls want to please the guys as well?

Same goes to the guys too.
would you listen to your mates or your female friends?

Do you listen to the opinions of

people from the same gender 


people from the opposite gender  ?

For me, it's a tough choice.
I have the tendency of listening to
people from the same gender 
and also
to just follow my heart!

Toodles y'all!


Ainee Cumi said...


U want both of the looks, u make half straight half curl lahh. =D

U look comel in both. Be it curl or straight. But the bangs part, I love u without the bangs. Macam rimas je.

HolyBoyFromHell said...

You look great without the fringe. Curl definitely spice up ur look. :) With straight and fringe, u look younger though. like secondary sch student.

Ames said...

hahaha really like secondary school student? lol