Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well Being

I've blogged about me being jobless. *refer here*
Ok i still dun have a permanent job. 
Only worked for weekends for sony.

Back to the topic of being useless lazing around at home for 4months.
I'm envious of people having permanent jobs working their butts off to earn money
(and maybe spend it alll on Iphone 5. If it's coming out on Sept/Oct.)

 Since i'm not working. I'll be working on self improvement and my wellbeing instead.
So instead of earning money, i'm earning myself a great body!
See it rhymes =)

Pls drool on this. 

I managed to lugged a pair of Reebok Runtone back from HK.
I tried it today and it was fantabulous!
I'm going jogging more often now after looking at pics above. 

More on skin care next post =D
Bye Internet.

Unedited. Taken from Sony TX100V

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