Saturday, July 30, 2011

Very Malaysian Breakfast.

Remember my agent 007 pose?

This was the breakfast place which lead to the discovery of 007 fashion store.

*Caution: You might find youself posing for 007 after having breakfast here*

I no longer know how to do a proper blog post.
Hence, "flashcard" blogging.
It's like ur primary school teacher showing u cards containing pictures of animals/objects and their name.

1. Kopi ais aka Kopi Suet.

 2. Open Kitchen

3. This is basically how the place looks like.

 4. How Roti Bakar is made

 5. Newspaper cuttings  - You can see Lim Guan Eng has been to this place also.

 6. Toh Soon Cafe @ Campbell Str. Penang.

 7.  Nasi Lemak

 8. Roti + Kaya toasts

 9. Half-boiled eggs

 10. this is requested by Bob. hahahaha

11. Saving the best (yolks) for last!

12. kaya + butter  and sugar + butter toasts in OPEN style. =.='
idk how u call it.

13. This is the last pic before i ran towards the 007 shop.

kthx bai =D

p/s: I forgotten how the food tastes like cause it's months ago. *refer hair*
Blog phail!

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