Saturday, February 11, 2012

All time low.

Life definitely has its ups and downs and my emotional rollercoaster has just hit a low position.
Whenever i feel like this, i'll most likely to stay home.
Somewhere that i could be myself, do fun (mostly lazy) activities. 
It's now good to look who's behind me backing me up, giving me support in just any situation.

It's extremely hard to love when there is so much hate inside.
Try to let go (ala discover inner peace) and think the best out of people, would make things bearable..
Focus on what's good. Direct myself in a positive position. 
I know things are not easy. That's why i jog, to clear my mind.
Little patience goes a long way!

Apart from those emo nemo stuff, I'm excited to be flying to Bangkok on Sunday! (12th)
First destination of the year! I'm just keen on discovering awesome and unique pieces of clothing and accessories .. oh and shoes!

I'm pretty sure im gonna get tanned, (if not fried!) but doesnt matter, had fun!
My skin have always been slight yellowish (langsat skin) not too fair just normal.. but often perceived as Albino-ish. That is not good for me considering i have dark eye circles due to sinus problems, therefore in short, i would really look like a zombie. Dun be surprise if u see me joining the pack during zombie apocalypse. 
Speaking of skin, ( changing topics after topics like a boss!) I start to see signs of aging. Ample sleep and water makes a whole lot of difference as to how you would "preserve" your youthfulness. Im extra jealous seeing korean girls with extra extra good skin.
 In short, i just dun wanna look old. =( 
Especially not older than my sister. = /

Continue with CNY Snippets Part 3.

#1 Chloe (sister's friend), My sister, and I 

#2 Chilling @ Sky Lounge in Ipoh. 
 Prolly because there isnt much of a view to see in Ipoh.. So nothing special. 

#3 Trying out functions of the new cam.
I still haven not mastered that thing yet!

#4 Ohai Bob =D


#6 Love my new necklace. =)

#7 Ms. Sailor. 
Im loving the blue white and red combi. I'm seeing loads of stripes for Spring!

#8 with le sister.

#9 Mom wore polka dots!
Not to mention, there will also be a lot of polka dots!

#10 I'm sure you've already figured out that i absolutely lovee studded items. Yes? 
There is a story behind this lovely pair of loafers. I will share will it next time. 

#11 Herrow =D



That's all for nao.
Good Night Internet.

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