Friday, February 17, 2012

Studded Loafers

I have to say, i do not know why i have a fetish over studded stuff.

These shoes are damn right amazing that they need more pictures to do them justice.

More subtle less extreme version of Christian Louboutin's Studded Loafers.

I did not buy them at first cause of the hefty price tag, but i couldnt get my mind off it.
My uni is more than 45 minutes from the mall, but i made plans to purposely go back and get them before they are gone.
talk bout going insane. yes i did went a little crazy.
NOT completely crazy,
i did try to get a certain someone who works there to reserve them for me but heck
I've been repeating the word Studded loafers and the person there still couldnt get it.

Bob got himself a similar pair of leatherette shoes also =)

Good Nighty Internet.

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Elaine said...

Have you seen Unif's Hellraiser? Could use them as a weapon. lol But still mad cool.