Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CNY snippets Part 1.

I thought i had a long long month (4weeks) of holiday,
until I realise Chinese New Year took half of it!

I'm down to only 2 weeks left and then poof.. Uni again. 
So much for much anticipated "long" holiday where i get to sit at home doing nothing for days yet feeling that i still have a lot more days to hang around. LOL.
BUT not this time. I sat around for a day or two and i start to get nervous already!

*Switches mode from Lazy ----> Efficient and Productive*

Ok flashcard blogging time.

#1 Early mother's day present. IKR
Wayyy too early. But anything for the Queen of Our Hearts :3

 #2 Waffles waffles waffles + RumRaisins RumRaisins RumRaisins.

 #3 Dad's recent addiction : Ice creams.
He demands for ice-creams almost every night.


 #5 Reunion Dinner

#6 Yes i am a very superstitious person, i heard it's a must to wear RED on the first day of CNY .

 #7 Us with our Aero Tees. 

#8 Gfs came over to Bai Lin. 

 #9 Sushi King Yee Sang

 #10 "Lou Sang" with the girls.

 #11 Us Girls. 

#12 Herrow Pretty Girl. =D *Hint: the one in mustard brown*

This is just part 1. 
More to come =D

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