Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Well Camouflaged Place : Amelie Cafe @ Armenian Street Penang.

If i dun start blogging again, 
i have no way of keeping track what i did since my memory span is super short.

I have to recheck my map for the Nth time to make sure i'm in the right place.
The place is so well camouflaged that Bob and i had to make few rounds down the same street just to finally notice there is actually a cafe well hidden. No joke i tell you.
When i saw that exterior, i had to puke cereals. *9gag*
Refer below,

Hidden much?

Next time, whenever i see this building i know im in the right place cause the cafe is just right beside.

Super cute Menus

Banana and Passion Fruit Yogurt. 

Mango and Passion Fruit Yogurt
Thumbs up for all the yogurt drinks!

Grill Crispy Bacon Chicken 

Spicy Olio Pasta.

Got to go pack for Cameron later in the afternoon.


Zwei said...

gosh, this place looks awesome!!! O__O i must list this down.hahaha..am heading to penang next weekend with le family and family friends. :)

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