Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best Parts of 2011.

After one very wordy lengthy post (containing links of other wordy posts)
Here  is one that is full of pictures.
Best bits of 2011.
2011 has a been a blissful year, so many ups and downs but most importantly
these will be the awesome memories that i will bring with me throughout the rest of life.
Let's get started.

1. The Best of 2011 is the moment when someone very close to me tied the knot.

My sister got married in a beautiful hilside bungalow in Cameron Highlands.
After months of planning, we are blessed that it turned out perfectly.

 To see someone so close to me (she was practically sleeping next door for years!)
walking down the aisle was pure joy. 
Mom and I had it in our hearts that we should not shed a tear on such a happy day.

 2. Attended my first friend's wedding.

A really close friend of mine got married. She was the first one amongst my friends to get married.
I see so much similarities between my sister and Ainee, cause they both are so passionate in planning their own unique wedding.

3. By Far the BEST birthday celebration ever.

A macaron cake. #sortof.
It was crushed on the way back from Penang to Ipoh, but nevertheless still tastes awesome!

Be-Earlied "Surprise" Birthday bash @ Delicious.
I have blogged bout it already. *click*
Below is the after partyyyy.

Had our fair share of helium sucking to get chipmunk voices!

This is the after party of the actual day birthday dinner at the Citybayview Revolving Restaurant.

A bunch of people who were also celebrating birthdays came along to celebrate mine with me too!

 A special birthday dedication video. I teared looking at everyone's effort to do this for me!
 Thankyou so so much!

4. First time travelling abroad without le parents

St.Paul's Ruin in Macao

Little girl offering Portugese tarts

 A chance to stay in the Venetian Macao.

 Din know i was afraid of height until i sat on these glass panels at Macao Tower.

 Scariest Cable car ride ever. When i was in Hongkong i met typhoon and it was super windy.
Wind + cable car. No good. The cable car was practically swinging violently and they have to stop the service an hour later.

 Crazy windy.
The good news, it was cloudy the whole day.. and bad news, My face (and hair) became very oily.
Close to fried chicken oily.

 Ocean Park.

 OHAI!  : 3

 Tons of super steep escalators

Witnessed a total of 5 fireworks this year. 
And this happen to be
The best fireworks display in 2011 (for me)

 5. Ohana means family.

Last but not least, I'm thankful to have all my family members with me throughout the entire year.
Supporting me, and give me strength during my weakest moment.
With them never once an activity that was dull.
And all my awesome awesome friends that have been so awesome.
(Awesome friends is awesome)
Together let's get the party started and ROLL IN 2012 Please!


catherine cheong said...

Love the fifth picture. :D already at the age of friends getting married/engaged one by one. *sigh.

Ames said...

I love that one too. My sister's wedding gown is amazinggg. She had it tailormade.

Getting married one by one ? Wow.. U mean same age? Or older?

Ainee Cumi said...

I love this posts so much.. Travel, weddings, family, friends. WOWW!!