Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snippets from last weekend.

Singapore was awesome.
My second time this year and nothing short from happening and fun filled. 
Truly because it was more of a family get together rather than a trip.
For now, blurry ipad pics galore!
(dear santa, u know i need a new camera)

#1 First time in Penang Airport and flying alone.

#2 Had miscommunication with le sister, ended up waited for her for more than 1hr.

#3 Took a pic with le awesome looking chair in the hotel.

#4 We were like "Granpa TRY MAKE FACES!" 1/4. Not a bad score.

#5 My pau yang meleleh.


#7 This was before me and the girls went Zouk. 
Zouk is like a sardine can =.='
But i am glad that i dun need to shampoo le hair for 2831283183 times (nonsmokingclub)

#8 Spotted. Little santa suits in H&M

#9 Champagne Toasting session.

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Chloe Nghiem said...

Seems like you had a nice time! (:

Ames said...

Indeed =D